Environment International 22 (Suppl. 1): 375-377

Natural radioactivity content of Greek cigarettes

Katsanevakis, S.*, Petropoulos, N. P.*, Hinis, E. P.*, Simopoulos, S. E.*,  Louizi, A.**, Proukakis, C.**

*Nuclear Engineering Section, Mechanical Engineering Department, National Technical University of Athens, 15780, Athens, Greece
**Department of Medical Physics, School of Medicine, Athens University, 11527, Athens, Greece


Tobacco from Greek cigarettes was analysed for natural radioactivity. According to the results already obtained, the concentrations of both 226Ra and 232Th are less than 13 Bq kg−1, while that of 40K is relatively high, up to 1250 Bq kg−1.